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Funkybacon Podcast Two For One Offer!

After a fun filled Christmas and New Year break, Funkybacon & Friends have returned with not one but TWO new podcast episodes.

Admittedly, we were unable to publish the 7th episode on the 10th due the the discombobulating effect of our server migration and true, some minor DNS issues thwarted our attempts to publish episode 8 yesterday but no matter, Monday is here and despite it being universally terrible we hope this double whammy of Bacon makes up for the depressing start of the working week.

Episode 7 can be grabbed RIGHT HERE and episode 8 is JUST THERE.

Attention clever graphical peoples! Today we are launching a competition to create for us a new banner and thumbnail logo to proudly display on our new GAMINGNOW community news and gaming website. As the future home for the Eve Radio brand, we think it's only fair to let our favorite people have a crack at it and possibly walk away with a 2 PLEX package from!

To enter, simply produce something better than the terrible temporary images below (lets face it, we put no effort into this) and mail them to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and a panel of, uh, people will select a winner! Multiple entries permitted if you want to show a variety of different colour schemes or styles!

Banner Graphic Profile Graphic


Please note, we don't really want an orange logo. We just like images that stand out while we're developing the layout.

The winning entry will be used upon launch of our new website and be part of our social media and future brand marketing and as such, the creators relinquish all rights to the associated images and they become the property of GRN UK Ltd. All final images must be submitted in psd, ai or similar format with jpg or png versions for panel scrutiny.

The winning clever bod will be given a standard 2 PLEX package from the website and will forever be able to proudly say they are the creator of the magnificent logo sitting on Eve Radio's new home site.

Closing date for entrants is Jan 7th so you'll need to get your skates on!

Thanks for reading and good luck. We look forward to viewing your entries shortly.

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Patch Notes 2016-01-20

BUG: echo in GL-Freedom
Every time someone posts a message it gets posted twice.


Hi Everyone!

Occasionally in Wurm Unlimited updates you will find features in the game code that are currently under development. These features are long term projects and will cause server

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This is a test

Omg this is a test document. It's here for testing, clearly. Ignore it because it's just a test and not a real article.

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Status Report - 15 Jan 2016

Evening Survivors,

In this week's Status Report, Lead Producer Brian Hicks will let us in on the work currently being conducted on design, the engine, and the renderer as we have

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Patch Notes 2016-01-14 (beta release)

Fixes & Changes

The following changes and those from the last beta patch will leave beta next week.

  • Message protocols have been changed so both server and client needs to
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Status Report - 10 Dec 2015

Afternoon Survivors,

In this week's Status Report, our Lead Producer Brian will inform us of the current state of development as well as give us a peek at a couple of

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Patch Notes 2015-12-21 (beta release)

Fixes & Changes

Due to extensive refactoring of the code we have decided to release this patch using a beta branch on steam, this is both due to the risk of
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Don't miss our key giveaways!

Hi Everyone, this week we'll be giving away FIVE steam keys for Wurm Unlimited via Facebook and Twitter!

For Facebook, simply like, comment or share this post and tell us

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