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Website migration shenanigans

%AM, %03 %225 %2016 %04:%Jan Written by
Tis a brand new year and as is the tradition, we are once again upgrading our hardware, rolling out new stuff and getting all set for a whole new chapter in GRN / Eve Radio's burgeoning book of awesome! Unfortunately…

Funkybacon and Friend Podcast : Episode 6

%AM, %20 %227 %2015 %04:%Dec Written by
Poor Funkybacon. Like festive favorite Macaulay Culkin, Funky is more or less Home Alone this week and only joined by Charlie due to a scheduling error or the more likely fact that everybody with half a brain and a soul…

Funkybacon and Friends Podcast : Episode 5

%AM, %13 %228 %2015 %04:%Dec Written by
The weather outside may be frightful, but Funkybacon and Friends are back once more to keep you warm and snuggly while they discuss new Eve drama, patch graphical update goodness and why the art department needs to give explosions more…

Funkybacon & Friends Podcast : Episode 4

%AM, %06 %229 %2015 %04:%Dec Written by
Another Sunday, another Funkybacon & Friends podcast is released for immediate download. This week Funkybacon, Charlie and Zeratha begin by speaking frankly about the tragic death of Eve community member Robert Adams (Photon Torpedo) and the amazing Eve Online community…

New Funkybacon & Friends Podcast : Episode 3

%PM, %29 %618 %2015 %13:%Nov Written by
It's that time of the week once again and Funkybacon & Friends have released their third regular episode. This week the aforementioned chums are joined by Eve Youtuber JonnyPew to talk about removal of off grid boosts, ship re-balancing and…

Grr Goons : A Reddit vs TMC Special Podcast By Funkybacon & Friends

%AM, %26 %095 %2015 %01:%Nov Written by
DOWNLOAD HERE On November 4th The Mittani Media announced a new Kickstarter project to fund a book to be written about the Fountain War. The first of it's kind in the gaming world, this book would be a story told…

Funkybacon and Friends Podcast returns for episode 2

%PM, %22 %662 %2015 %14:%Nov Written by
As prophesied in his inaugural episode last Sunday, Funkybacon and friends have returned for episode 2 of their brand new podcast series. Featured on the panel this week is Funkybacon, Elijah Ghost, Charliiiiiie, Zeretha and Larkin Alpha talking about Eve,…

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