Funkybacon & Friends Podcast : Episode 4

Funkybacon & Friends Podcast : Episode 4

Another Sunday, another Funkybacon & Friends podcast is released for immediate download.

This week Funkybacon, Charlie and Zeratha begin by speaking frankly about the tragic death of Eve community member Robert Adams (Photon Torpedo) and the amazing Eve Online community rallying round a fallen comrade in a charitable GoFundMe campaign to the tune of just under $50,000 at the time of writing.

Moving forward this week and focusing exclusively on Eve Online's upcoming changes including the new missile disruptors, extensive grid size boosts and welcome changes to Level 4 missions as well as other news from Eve Online over the last week. Towards the end they discuss the impending closure of Battleclinic and the general downward spiral of interest in Eve related fan and community sites and whether turning this trend around is possible when Eve Online itself is in undeniable decline.

You can download episode 4 right here.

Run time : 42 minutes


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