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Galactic Hour News Roundup: A Triglavian Mystery and Minmatar Politics Heat Up

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2020-03-26 14:33By Ret GloriaxxThe Scope's Galactic Hour with Ret Gloriaxx brings an exclusive account of a Triglavian mystery in Sinq Laison, news of political strife in the Republic, and our usual summary of other news from around New Eden.

CONCORD Inner Circle Summit Breakthrough on Emergency Militia War Powers Act

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2020-03-24 11:11By Lina Ambre Yulai, Genesis – CONCORD's Inner Circle Summit on the militia warzones crisis has made a diplomatic breakthrough on the rules for strategic operations and system control as laid out in the Emergency Militia War Powers Act…

The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-19

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2020-03-19 00:00By Lina AmbrePresident Jacus Roden Sets March 28th Date for "Normalization of Gallente Federation Politics and Society" Luminaire, Essence – Responding to growing public and political pressure, President Jacus Roden has announced that he intends all branches of the…

The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-16

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2020-03-16 00:00By Lina AmbreProtests Outside New Riennes FIO Building Flare into Violence as State of Emergency Comes Under Continuing Fire New Riennes, Mies IV – A seventh day of protests outside the New Riennes FIO Building turned violent this morning,…

The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-08

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2020-03-08 00:00By Lina AmbreSenators Privately Call on President Roden to Establish Commission into Security Failures; Protests at Security Council and FIO Measures Grow Villore, Essence – A number of Federal Senators have privately called on President Jacus Roden to establish…

The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-05

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2020-03-05 00:00By Lina AmbrePresident Jacus Roden Addresses Federal Senate; Promises Continuity of Democratic and Constitutional Order Villore, Essence – President Jacus Roden has promised that continuity of democracy under the Federation Constitution remains his "first priority" in an address to…

The Scope News in Brief YC122-03-02

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2020-03-02 00:00By Lina AmbreState of Emergency Maintained as Gallente Federal Communications Networks "Restored to 97% Capacity" Luminaire, Essence – President Jacus Roden has reaffirmed that the Federal State of Emergency across the Gallente Federation will be maintained until further notice,…

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