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Happy New Year! Public Beta & Extinction Transfers Soon!

Wednesday, 02 January 2019 22:20 Written by
2018 in Review! Happy New Year, Survivors! Thank you all for making us a part of your 2018. It has truly been an insane year for us. As always we are humbled by your support of all things ARK and…

Happy Holidays!

Monday, 24 December 2018 21:18 Written by
Raptor Claus and Studio Wildcard would like to wish you a very Happy Holidays this season! Thank you for making us a part of your festive time this year!

Winter Wonderland 2018!

Tuesday, 18 December 2018 02:05 Written by
Winter Wonderland! - Raptor Claus - Flies over any map between 0am and 2am in-game (with event enabled) - Drops Holiday Gifts - Gacha Claus - Spawns where you'd find Parasaurs on all maps

What's Next: Structures Plus & Kibble Rework

Tuesday, 04 December 2018 18:28 Written by
Happy Tuesday, Survivors! It's patch day and we've got two exciting things to chat about that we are currently working on. Structures Plus: Now that Extinction has been officially released, the team will be dedicating some time to the integration…

Winter Wonderland & Developer Diary!

Tuesday, 04 December 2018 00:41 Written by
ARK, at its core, is successful because it offers the best and most diverse survival experience that it can to each player who plays it, and the many options that we provide allows that to happen.

ARK: Extinction Expansion Pack Available Now!

Wednesday, 07 November 2018 00:54 Written by
Hello Survivors! Today, Studio Wildcard is proud to announce ARK’s third expansion pack, “Extinction”! Finish your journey through the worlds of ARK in ‘Extinction’, where the story began and ends: on Earth itself! An Element-infested, ravaged planet filled…

Extinction Release Info, Free Week, & Extra Life 2018!

Tuesday, 06 November 2018 03:14 Written by
Extinction Server Information! As we all know by now ARK: Extinction will be launching tomorrow on November 6th. We are expecting the download to be approximately 10-20gb in size for PC.

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